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Home Support

What is Home Support?

Home support is providing assistance with routine light house cleaning tasks. Support is available for vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning the bathroom and bedroom, doing laundry, ironing, dusting and assisting wiith grocery shopping and meal preparation. Some chores such as (but not limited to) washing walls, cleaning light fixtures, cleaning unused areas of the home, washing the outside of windows, doing any outside work or doing any work that requires the worker to stand on a ladder are not permitted under the home support program.

How Often Can I Receive Home Support?

Home Support workers will come into your home and may spend up to 3 hours in your home providing assistance on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  

Is There a Cost for Home Support?

Yes, everyone who receives home support through Ponoka FCSS is expected to pay a pre-determined cost based on an hourly rate. The amount billed will vary depending on where the client lives and their annual income. Clients are billed on a monthly basis. Ponoka FCSS subsidizes the cost of home support to make it affordable for those living with a limited income who need assistance to keep their home clean.

How do I Go About Obtaining Home Support?

You need to first call the FCSS office at 403-783-4462 and speak to the Home Services Co-ordinator. You will be asked questions to determine your level of need and ability to pay. If it is determined that you are eligible for home support an intake meeting will be scheduled. You will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to the hourly rate that you will be charged for the service.

What are My Responsibilities?

Home support clients are required to provide adequate cleaning supplies such as cloths, mop and pail (or a Swiffer), window cleaner, floor cleaner, etc.  Clients must provide 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your next scheduled visit. Failure to notify the FCSS office at 403 783-4462 in sufficient time may result in your being billed for the scheduled time.

Who Provides the Service in My Home?

Home Support Workers Do! All home support workers have a current criminal check as well as a vulnerable sector check.  They are required to sign an oath of confidentiality, obtain adequate insurance and they must comply with FCSS policies and procedures.  They have current First Aid and CPR certificates and attend on-going training. Ponoka FCSS employees are not allowed to accept gifts or tips.

How Long Does it Take Before I Have a Home Support Worker in My Home?

Once the intake meeting is completed, we assign a Home Support Worker as schedules permit.  Sometimes however we may not have a worker that will fit your schedule or if we are short of staff we will ensure that clients with a greater need will be assisted first.  However, we do our best to ensure that all eligible clients are served as soon as possible.

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