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Community Garden

Ponoka FCSS is proud to be a partner in the CommUnity Garden Project.  There are 44 plots available for rent in the garden.

General information and guidelines for use of the garden are listed below:

Garden Location

The plots are located at the end of 35th Ave., beyond the stand of spruce trees. Parking close to the road is designated in order to keep the lawn clear for people to enjoy, and to reduce wear and tear.

Plot size and cost

Plots will be offered as 10’ x 20’ for $20, and 20’ x 20’ for $30. The fee is payable when you register.

When does planting begin? 

Subject to weather and availability, the site is prepared and garden plots marked off usually by May 1st.

What are the rules?

  • Plot maintenance – Rototilling will be the responsibility of the Garden Committee. Gardeners are expected to care for their garden plot and surrounding pathways with regular weeding and hoeing. At the end of the season (early October), gardeners will be notified when to clear plots of all remaining growth and debris. Please contact us if you are sick or away. If not maintained, participants will be contacted. If after 3 attempts to contact, or if the participant is no longer able to continue, the name will be removed from the plot and the land cleared.

  • “Tuesday/Thursday Weeding Night” – every week, to encourage regular tending and strengthen sense of community. A regular weeding night will keep us on the “ball,” and we’ll work together!

  • Gardening method - Natural, organic gardening methods are to be used. The CommUnity Garden is chemical-free. For information on organic gardening practices, contact FCSS or other resources available.

  • Respect - Please respect others’ plots by keeping your tools and area tidy and within your own space. Weeding your area will also keep weeds from spreading to your neighbors’. Work closely together; be friendly and supportive of each other’s efforts.

  • Gardening times - Gardeners may work in their garden plot seven days a week during daylight hours only.

  • What types of plants can be grown? - Gardeners may plant flowers or produce of their choice, excluding noxious plants, suckers, invasive, illegal, or perennial plants. Please note that there will be space provided for potatoes outside the fenced area, to save space in your plot if desired. If using the potato patch, please mark where you have planted so that others do not plant overtop.

  • Water supply – Water is provided on site, with hoses. To conserve water, please do not rinse your produce on site or leave water running unattended.

  • Pets – Because of children and garden maintenance, please do not bring pets into the fenced area of the garden. Please keep your pet tethered, and pick up waste before you leave. If your pet cannot be quieted, please respect the peacefulness of the garden and leave them at home.

  • Are radios allowed? Only personal music devices with ear phones are permitted. If you do wear ear phones, we ask that gardeners remain attentive to the other gardeners and their safety.

  • Children – Please be attentive to children in the garden, whether they are yours or not. We want them to have a pleasant experience, and keep safe. If you choose to bring your children, please ensure that they do not disturb other plots, and follow the same behavior expected of participants.

  • Vandalism – If you notice that the garden has been disturbed, please inform the Garden Committee by calling FCSS at 403-783-4462. The community and police will be aware of our use times, and will help us monitor after hours.

  • Composting – Let’s compost! If you’re not sure how it’s done, give us a call and we can help you out. The compost unit is for your organic/biodegradable garden scraps. No weeds, please! A separate section for weeds is designated.

  • Dress - Rubber boots and gloves may come in handy in the dirt, mud, and to protect feet and hands from tools. We suggest dressing modestly in respect of the public, as well as to keep from too much sun exposure.

  • Gates and Locks– Fencing has been installed to deter wildlife and others from disturbing your efforts. If you are the last one to leave the garden, please ensure the gates are closed and locked. At the start of the season, you will be provided with the combination codes for the locks. Please keep our garden secure.

What do I need to bring?

Gardeners bring their own gardening tools, watering cans, etc. Some tools may be supplied and found in the storage shed. Please return tools after use.


Harvesting can be a big job. If you find you have more produce than you can make use of, you may take them to the local Food Bank or seniors’ residences where they would greatly appreciate it. Tables are also available to sell produce by contacting the Farmer’s Market.

Garden Steward

A community member has been designated as a “Garden Steward” to check in on the garden once a week, take note of water levels, garden participation, weeds, and overall maintence of the garden.

Join the Committee!

Gardeners are encouraged to attend all garden meetings to help guide the maintainance and sustainability of the garden, and build a sense of ownership. Several committee members were initially involved due to the granting process/funding/community buy-in aspects, but now we need your input from this point on! We will notify you of the meetings as they occur.

Who can help me with gardening advice?

Members of the Garden Committee are available to share knowledge on a variety of gardening topics, including organic gardening and food storage/preservation (i.e. canning, dehydrating, freezing). Please contact FCSS for referrals.

Other questions or concerns?

Contact Ponoka FCSS at 403-783-4462 or programc@ponokafcss.net

If you wish to become a community gardener:

You will need to contact the office of Ponoka FCSS at 403-783-4462. An application and a release of liability will need to be completed and signed.

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